Wednesday, May 16, 2001

All apologies to those made ill by my last blog and more apologies for leaving it up there in your face for so long. You know who you are =)

Oh Mickey You're so Fine

ANNOUNCER: "Tina, your troup has just won the National Bellydancing Competition, what are you going to do now?"

TINA: "I'm going to Disneyland!"

Ok, so we didn't win (though I'll only attribute that to the fact that I don't think they actually HAVE national competitions) and I'm actually going to Disneyworld, but it's still very exciting. Jo and I and a bunch of the guys are going down to Disney for a project we're on. I feel very lucky considering they're very tight with travel these days and that some of my friends are worried about getting laid off. I wish I had the power to change things, but alas, I am a peon through and through and I have a feeling my job might come in to question in the next year or so too. After all, how many UI Designers does it take to screw with a website? Not many.

Other than the Disney excitement and the fun of Jenny's surprise birthday party, my life has been not too eventful. My dreams are another story...

Dream a Little Dream, Fat Free

Last night I DREAMT that I was 7 months pregnant! I wasn't showing at all and hadn't even told everyone that I was pregnant. I was out buying a "pregnancy bodystocking" and I was rather happy about the fact that I was going to be smaller after I had the baby than before I got pregnant.

I know exactly where this dream originated though, no psychological investigation needed (except for the part about the bodystocking, I don't get that bit of wackiness). I was chatting with Sharon, our manager, on Monday morning and talking about how she is 7 months pregnant, not showing at all, and will be smaller after she has the baby than before she got pregnant. There you have it. Maybe just wishful thinking... about the weight loss part anyway ;-)

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