Thursday, May 24, 2001

Cup Cakes and Fruit Pies and Beef Jerky, Oh My

Last night I caught the tail end of the most fab show on the Food Network (where else?), called Snacks Unwrapped. It showed how Hostess Fruit Pies were made, how they put the little curly icing on the Hostess Cup Cakes, and how beef jerky is made (this was not too exciting... nothing sweet or oozy is used). I was in 7th heaven. I've always been fascinated with how stuff is made (in a production factory). I think it began from watching Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. To see FOOD being mass produced is the height of excitement for me, sadly enough. My favorite part was watching the fruit pies go through a wall of glaze. I'm all about walls of glaze. They rock.

I missed the information on Krispy Kreme (home of the world's best wall of glaze), Cheez Doodles and Moon Pies, so I will be sure to tune in and watch it again, from the beginning.

Mmmm, I'm hungry.

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