Tuesday, May 22, 2001

"Hello, my name is Tina and I'm a JFKK addict"

Jenny's blog is so good, she has Panties in a Bunch jealous of her lifestyle, talent for writing, friends who actually do stuff with her, etc. etc. Today I added another reason why Panties should wish Jenny was her "real" friend, instead of just a girl she reads about.

I arrived at my desk today to find a large bowl full of Jenny's Faux Kettle Korn. She is the only person who knows how to make it AND understands my neurotic addictions to food. (Hubby knows how to make it but doesn't understand the inner workings of an addictive personality). I hoarded the bowl, determined not to share. This JFKK is some powerful stuff because I am normally very giving and I share to the point where I almost force food on people. I had two small exceptions. I had to let Tony grab a handful after he so rudely asked if he could have some (the nerve!) and I offered Sarah some because, well, mainly because it was sitting right there open and I would've looked like a total shitheel if I didn't offer her some. But I ate all the rest myself, in a span of about a half hour. I felt kind of ill after it was all said and done, but when it comes to JFKK, the nausea and cavities are well worth it. Thanks Jenny!

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