Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Back from the Brink

Well, back from our weekend excursion to the 1000 Islands to stay with the inlaws. It really wasn't too bad. I only started to get psychotic once on Saturday, after golf and basketball and drag racing had taken up the tube all damn day (I WANT MY MTV) and then again on Sunday when my Father-in-law snored through the last entire hour of "The Wonder Boys." We're not talking a couple of snorts here either, we're talking major chainsaw mode.

Other than that, we went to the drive-in and saw "A Knight's Tale", cute movie... Heath Ledger... mmmm, wouldn't kick him outta bed for eatin crackers. The second movie was "Driven" about drag racing. It sucked royal. The acting sucked (though I did think Stallone was pretty good). The plot development sucked. Some of the effects were cool. I fell asleep and missed the end, but didn't care.

I also got my Mother-in-law addicted to the Mah-jongg game on Nabiscoworld.com. Talk about effective marketing. After playing for a while, then watching my m.i.l. play for a while, I had the overwhelming urge to eat Oreos. My m.i.l. had faux oreos but they didn't cut it. Faux oreos are to oreos as WPOP is to Coke. They don't taste anything alike and the cheap versions taste like crap. Some things are just worth the extra cost. So after eating 4 faux oreos and not feeling the least bit satiated, I ran to the store and bought a bag of REAL oreos. Yep, that $2.99 was worth every penny!

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