Sunday, May 06, 2001


I am so incredibly behind with blogging. Ugh, forgive me. Here's some stuff I blogged on my Visor while in a horrific meeting on Thursday 5/3:

Had a cookout on sunday, it was very fun, especially when my sister Sherri taught some cha cha. After about 3 of Kenn's yummy margaritas, I got brave enough to do my bellydance. Jenny didn't appear to have the courage at first but quickly popped up and did it with me (and she was totally sober). She may play the 'shy and quiet' girl, but don't let that fool you, she wants the spotlight in a big way.

Tuesday I taught basic UI Design to Tony's class. He's teaching Introduction to Interactive Multimedia (undergrad) at RIT. It was very laid back and fun and only one kid fell asleep - most seemed pretty interested.

Wednesday I went to Mom's for a quick dinner. She told us how she'd called home from work and left a sexy message on the answering machine for my step Dad, but she had to whisper, so when he played the message back, it sounded like a lizard with a lisp making an indecipherable crank call.

Today I am in our quarterly meeting listening to a bunch of irrelevant boring crap. Torture I tell you. Why the f* do I need to hear details about Dynamo 5? At least we got to go to Dibellas for lunch... best subs ever.

When I get subs, I only get meat, cheese, and mayo or mustard - and for some reaon, the person making the sub always reacts with disbelief, asking, 'no lettuce? No tomato? Just mayo?' I always respond, 'right, none of that healthy crap!' Am I the only person on the planet who doesn't like that stuff on my sub? I didn't realize I was so unique!

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