Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Disney Debrief

Got back from my trip to Disney at 1am this morning. It was a fun-filled, action-packed trip that was 70% fantastic. Jo, Kenn and I arrived Friday night, checked in, gobbled a quick pizza that Kenn had trekked about a half mile from his hotel to bring us.

Saturday we met up with Greg Lukins (who is on assignment in Orlando for the next month or so) and the four of us went to DisneyQuest in Downtown Disney. It had some pretty cool stuff, especially Cyberspace Mountain, which let you create your own rollercoaster, then ride it in a simulator. Jo and I created a pretty lame one, not even any loops, but it was fun. We ate dinner at Bongo Cafe after Kenn used his spanish and his magnetic personality to cut about an hour off our wait. Go Kenn! The food was fantastic! After dinner, we went to Pleasure Island, which is basically a bunch of nightclubs, and danced for a few hours. It was a blast.

Highlight of Saturday: As we get briefed on the Interactive Pirates of the Carribean ride at DisneyQuest, Jo asks the guy, "How do we steer the boat?" Guy gives her a look and says, "you move the wheel left and right" as he gestures. We all crack up. Poor Jo, her mouth did not cooperate with her brain.

Sunday the four of us went to Epcot. Test Track was great and Honey I Shrunk the Audience was very cool. The fireworks were phenomenal. The rest is a blur.

Highlight of Sunday: The best book comment ever. After Jo convinces Greg and Kenn to buy Cinnamon Glazed nuts because they are so yummy, she has to pass up their offers because she has braces and can't eat crunchy things. In a last attempt to let Jo somehow enjoy the tasty treats, Greg (in all seriousness) says, "do you want to put one in your mouth and suck on it?" Jo innocently replies, "no thanks". Kenn and I look at each other and fall over laughing at the easily perverted connotations of the exchange.

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