Friday, January 10, 2003

Hot and Cold
Nice... Chuck's in Florida... just got out of the hot tub and is heading home* to have cookie dough ice cream... and I'm here in Frozenville after driving all the way home in 4WD, listening to my neighbor shovel snow and ice off his driveway and feeling sickly full from eating too much Dinosaur BBQ.

I can't feel too bad though, I will be in LA in two weeks sipping Jamba Juice and enjoying some sunshine. LA will be business with not much time for fun, but then I'm taking a side vacation to Vegas to see my brother's new house and visit. I will be partaking of the nickel slot machines at the Hard Rock Hotel... and this time, if I get to meet Vin Diesel there (as I did in 1999 and barely gave him the time of day), I will at least touch his arm and say something witty - which I will obviously have to think of ahead of time - or risk saying something totally cheesy, like "if I told you you had a nice body, would you hold it against me".

*home is his parent's house

BTW, staying distracted helps me to cope with the grief. Humor is a nice distraction. Thinking of Vin Diesel's bod works temporarily too.

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