Thursday, January 23, 2003

On the Mend

Well, I either had that Norwalk virus that's going around (and apparently taking out whole schools worth of people)... either that, or it was food poisoning from Taco Bell. I was up all night Monday violently vomiting - threw up 10 times - never been so sick in all my life. After the vomiting stopped, my stomach hurt like I'd done 1000 situps. Then the weakness and dizziness hit. Today my dr. told me to dring a gallon of water to help my "off-kilterness". It helped, I'm almost normal. ALMOST.

Regardless of the cause, I will NOT be partaking of a taco bell Grilled Stuft Burrito EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

The only good - I lost 2 pounds (and maybe strenghtened my abs too) - woo hoo