Saturday, January 11, 2003

I've been having alot of headaches lately. Last Friday I had one so bad that I thought Chuck was going to find me dead. Since then, they've been mild but abundant. Aspirin helps, but incase there's something really wrong with me & I'm not long for this world, I'd like to say this:

I was a blessed person.
I was blessed with a loving family.
I was blessed with great friends.
I was blessed with humor and kindness, both given & received.
and I was blessed with an abundance of love in my life.

I left not wanting for anything.
I will be happy to see Mom and Dad and Punky again.
I will miss you all and, though I know you will miss me, try not to be sad.
Try to laugh, love and enjoy life even more, as that is what I would want for you.

And when you hear a song that reminds you of me,
it's my little way of saying hello, from wherever I might be.

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