Friday, January 24, 2003

I'm a Slider, He's a Slider... Wouldn't You Like to be a Slider too

Jenny found an article entitled, "SLIders & the Streetlight Phenomenon". It starts off..."Do streetlights suddenly go out when you pass beneath them? Do watches or credit cards stop working in your possession? Perhaps you are a SLIder."

Jenny remembered that most of my watches are dead, I often have computer and other electrical related problems that no one else seems to be experiencing, and my Wegman's Shopper's Club Card won't swipe anymore. Jenny deduced that I am a SLIder.

Apparently things like this happen:
  • Appliances such as lamps and TVs go on and off without being touched.
  • Lightbulbs constantly blow when the SLIder tries to turn them off or on.
  • Volume levels change on TVs, radios, and CD players.
  • Watches stop working.
  • Children's electronic toys start by themselves when the SLIder is present.
  • Credit cards and other magnetically encoded cards are damaged or erased when in their possession.
I DEFINITELY notice street lights popping off as I approach - I thought it happened often to everyone, but apparently not. According to the article, if it happens on a regular basis, you're probably a SLIder.

I was telling my brother about it and he said it happens to him all the time, especially when he is "about to snap" - take note, Eddie said that to me WITHOUT me telling him that the research indicates it happens more often when the SLIDER is "in an extreme emotional state"... wild! It must be hereditary!