Saturday, January 18, 2003

Went and saw "Two Weeks Notice" last night... it was cute and funny - not as good as "Bridget Jones Diary", but entertaining.

They played the trailer for "A Guy Thing"... for some reason, movies about guys-that-are-already-engaged-but-fall-for-the-wild-crazy-free-spirit-type-girl really PISS ME OFF. It just seems really insulting to the fiance and to love in general. Not as insulting as Joe Millionaire (who, incase you haven't heard, was not only a former underwear model, but also acted in a soap opera and was living in a $1.7M house shortly before the show started), which highlights the all-women-are-golddiggers stereotype, but still annoying.

The sad part... I watch Joe Millionaire and I want to see "A Guy Thing".. but I can still be pissed if I want to!