Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Shop till you Drop

Marathon shopped in Rochester last weekend. Jenny is my shopping enabler. Dangerously close to needing Shopaholics Anonymous. I think my stress is driving me to overindulge in things that make me feel good, such as shopping and eating. I'll have to talk to my therapist about that.

Bought stuff such as:

- a new vacuum (it sucks, bah hah)
- bookshelves
- a shirt for Mya
- duvet covers and sheets for the spare room
- candy
- new pants (4 pairs)
- cheekies (if you don't know, I'm not telling)
- pantyhose
- cool colored notebooks from the gap
- a pink trench from Banana Republic
- yet another pair of black boots
- a necklace
- a fresh supply of Vinefit moisturizer
- eyeshadow from the gap
- undies