Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Computer Heaven

I am getting new computers both at work and at home. I am very excited, since both current computers are POS computers. My home computer is a 200mhz pc which, as of last week, is officially dead. To replace it, we got a Dell. It's a 1.7GHz with 256MB RAM and a CD Writer/DVD drive. Should keep me computer current for a month or so. Had to get a PC so hubby can install his work software which is only for PC. I wanted an iMac pretty bad... maybe next year I'll get my own sweet little iMac and name it Sally. For now, here's my not so cute, but dark and hansome Dell:

The situation at work is even more delightful. I am getting an 867MHz Mac G4 with 512MB RAM (woo hoo!!! zing! zing!) with a Superdrive. Yep, a SUPERDRIVE. That means I can crank out CD's and DVD's. Ok, the reality of it is, I won't use the full capability of this Mac and I almost feel bad getting it knowing that the Visual Designers could benefit so much more from it. But then I remember that I've been suffering with this POS Mac since well before and long after they all got G4's. So maybe everyone will be jealous for a while, but then they'll all get Dual 800's and I'll be the little match girl with the crappy computer again. So for now, I will revel in it!

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