Thursday, October 25, 2001

Morning in Pittsburgh

Though I REALLY hate getting up early, today was an early one. I had to be checked out of the hotel and picked up by 7:30am. (*&#(^%^^. But the driver took me on the scenic route (mainly to avoid traffic) and it brightened my morning.

R.I.P. Quality Customer Service

I agree with Joel on the shitty state of customer service. Ted and I arrived in Pittsburgh after midnight. The first hotel had us booked in smoking rooms. Though they were nice, they still blamed it on OUR travel agent and couldn't help us. So we had our travel agent get us rooms at the Renaissance, Pittsburgh's #1 rated hotel. It was after 1am when we arrived to an empty front desk. Here's how it went down:

- "Mike" finally appeared, didn't crack a smile, barely said hello
- typed away like a feind then announced that he couldn't find the reservation
- Ted offered the confirmation # in the car
- Mike, "that won't help if I can't find the reservation"... no spec of friendliness
- Ted, "it's late, do you just have two non-smoking rooms?"
- Mike (snotty tone), "yes but if there is a reservation you will be charged for a no show." That's it, no offer of assistance, almost accusing tone (accusing of what, I don't know)
- Ted walked away to get the conf#
- I stood there trying to muster up the courage to tell Mike he was being a rude ass, when Ted came back almost immediately and laid into Mike, "it's 1am in the morning and you could stand to be a little more courteous...", then left again to get the conf#
- Mike didn't even look up as Ted told him off, got a back handed apology, "I'm sorry YOU feel that way
- Mike clicked away as I again contemplated saying something to him myself
- Ted came in with the conf# and as Ted started to read it to him, Mike said, "I don't need it, I found the reservation."
- Ted, "oh really, how did you find it?"
- Mike, "the name was spelled wrong", taking absolutely no blame
- Mike got us our keys and became slightly more friendly, but still a very disappointing arrival at Pittsburgh's #1 hotel

The admin at the company we're working with called and complained, threatening not to send any more business their way, and out of that Ted got a fruit basket. Tina got NOTHIN! I'll have to send in a separate formal complaint and perhaps I'll get a bit more than a banana and some grapes.

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