Monday, October 22, 2001

Weekend Update

Friday was quite a hectic day as I prepare to go to Pittsburgh tomorrow for work. In the frenzy, Jenny and I decided to let Chuck and Aaron decide what movie to see that night. They picked Corky Romano. I hesitated to complain too much as I was just glad to have had a decision made for me. It was better than I expected... mostly lame but with some very funny moments. I need to see something of substance soon... then again, I watch the news for more substance than I can handle sometimes. Maybe that's why I'm so into brainless movies these days. Oh SNAP (from Zoolander).

Saturday I had to get up early to work, then came home and took a 3 hour nap. Very tired. Visited my sis to see more pics from the wedding. Unfortunately most of the ones from church have BAD redeye. I'm going to get Sherri one of those redeye pens that colors over the redeye. Joel says they work well - and if Joel didn't sh*tcan them, they must be good.

Today I went to Jenny's 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. It was alot of fun. Of my top 5 favorite foods ever, Jenny had 3 of them: brie with brown sugar, artichoke dip (newly added to the list), and pumpkin pie (homemade no less!!). I ate like a little pig, with no regard for my fellow carvers. Yep, I was chomping away as they gutted and carved. Lucky for them I wasn't big on the chocolate chip banana bread (which looked VERY good but just not my cuppa tea) or they'd have had about nothing to eat.


So Jenny, even if you are a food enabler and helped me gain 5 pounds in one day, it was all deliciously worth it... THANK YOU =) The wagon will have to pick me up another day.

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