Wednesday, October 10, 2001


Ok, now I'm officially stressed as I prepare for my Sister's wedding. My brother and his wife are here from Las Vegas today. They were going to stay with me which caused me and Chuck to clean and organize like maniacs, compiling about 14 bags worth of clothes to donate... but then, on Monday evening, call me to say they "remembered" that Christina is allergic to cats - ugh! But I'm glad I got all that closet cleaning done.

Speaking of closet cleaning, tomorrow is National Coming Out Day.

Back to stress.

Here's everything I STILL have to do before the wedding:

- figure out what shoes to wear with my dress
- if I don't have shoes to wear, go shoe shopping
- try on my dress to make sure the alterations are good
- see if the strapless bras I own look ok with the dress
- if the strapless bras don't look good, panick like mad and figure out what to do
- find a picture of how I want to wear my hair
- get a manicure
- if I wear open toed shoes, either get a pedicure or do my toenails
- wrap my brother Eddie's birthday presents and sign his card
- wrap my sister-in-law Christina's birthday presents and sign her card
- go shopping for my brother Mike's birthday present
- get a birthday cake for Eddie, Christina and Mike
- pack for the night of the wedding (we're staying at the hotel with the family)
- figure out if Sherri needs help with anything
- take 2 valium and eat reduced fat oreos

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