Thursday, October 04, 2001

Neglect and Candy

Ok, I've been very neglectful of my new friend Squibnocket. She definitely deserves to be linked to, not only because she has interesting things to say and not only because I've actually met her in person, but MAINLY because she led me to Sugar Mountain in Toronto where I found the luscious fizzy tart candies of my childhood.

"There is no kinder gesture than one of a sweet nature." - Robert Frost

OK, Robert Frost didn't say it, I made it up, but it sounded good.

On a related note, Joel has dubbed me "Queen Frostine" from the game Candy Land, but apparently someone else has that url. At first I thought it was porn, but then I realized that it's Tyra Banks and the content seems to be from a young girl, not sure. Either say, I found a really cool page of "Adopt a 1980s Cartoon Cutie!". I pick her:

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