Friday, October 12, 2001

It's Here

My new Dell, which I've named "Bob", finally arrived at 4:30pm, after which I promptly left the house to get on with my life. I set Bob up at midnight and am now playing. It was quite nice that things seem to set themselves up - like Road Runner and my printer. I have yet to use any heavy duty programs though, so I have not yet experienced the raw power of Bob. However, I'm quite sure that Bob will be put to shame by Alec, my new Mac G4 I'll be getting at work.

Ketchup Anyone?

Dinner was quite fun, we went to Tokyo, a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you. The chef did some very cool Tiger-Woods-esque eggwork with a spatula. He also had a fake ketchup bottle - the kind with a little red string, and "squirted" it at my sister Sherri - she about fainted. It was hilarious. That kooky chef.

After dinner we shot pool and played darts. My brother Eddie was going on and on about how good Christina (his wife, my sis-in-law) is at darts. I proceeded to win 3 out of 4 games against her. Ha ha! I guess I like winning more than I realized. Even if it is mostly luck.

The wedding is getting very close. I'm getting more and more nervous. Insomnia is in full swing as it is 1:45am and I feel as though I could run a marathon. Wondering if there was crack in my Samurai dinner. I'm more nervous about this wedding than I was for my own. My brother Mike has offered me some Paxil if I need it.

I met Chad, Sherri's soon-to-be brother-in-law. I am walking down the aisle with him. **Bonus** - he's rather good looking. Bodybuilder. Yep, he'll need those muscles to hold me up when I fall, as I'm sure I will.

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