Wednesday, October 03, 2001

New Blogger

Cindy has started a blog. This is becoming quite the national network of blogs - a large group of us in Rochester, but with others in Mountain View, San Francisco, Seattle and now San Diego. Along with new friends met through blogging in Toronto.

Tina Fact

Now if only I could think of something witty to talk about. If anyone wants to suggest a topic, feel free to email me or post to my guestbook.

How about a Tina Fact? Since it's "all about me" anyway.

Tina Fact #2: I grew up amongst hippies and Hell's Angels. My Dad owned a motorcylce shop in 1973 where he met and became friends with many bikers, including quite a few Hell's Angels. The memories are strong. The distinctive sound of a Harley rings familiar to my ears and brings me back to when I was five years old and eager for a ride around the block. The memories of my Dad's long flowing hair and his many tattoos are still strong. Today, the site of a burly biker on a Harley brings me warm fuzzies. The H.A.'s were actually really nice guys, I guess I didn't see their bad side. Rumor had it that if they saw any other bikers wearing their colors, they'd beat the crap out of them. Not sure how true that is. I often drive by a biker bar in Rush and, on Thursdays when the Harleys are lined up out front, I have the urge to go in and announce, "did anyone here know Ed [lastname]?" I bet I'd get at least one yes.

This unique childhood is part of the reason I often feel that "run away with the circus" type emotion. As if I were meant to be doing something more unique and interesting in life - no, not dealing drugs or shaking people down, just more interesting than poking away at a computer all day.