Monday, October 22, 2001


What led up to this moment is unclear to me... but sometime after September 11th, I lost all semblence of sanity and decided to DRIVE to Pittsburgh, in a UHAUL, with a coworker (Ted), taking a kiosk to do usability testing.

The original plan was to fly to Atlanta on Oct. 1st. Post "Attack on America", I was not comfortable with flying, so the suggestion of driving a van and transporting the kiosk ourselves came up. I was all set to do the test in Syracuse, but we wanted a big city. Somehow, Pittsburgh won. I was hoping for Toronto, knowing it was the closest, but it was not to be. The test got pushed out to Oct. 22nd, GOOD, more time to get the hardware and software ready. Then the BAD news, the kiosk won't fit in a normal truck, we need to rent a Uhaul. At this point, someone should have brought me to my senses, but no one did. The grim reality did not hit me until I was in the Uhaul parking lot looking at the monstrous trucks.

So now here I am, getting ready to drive for 5 hours in a Uhaul, wishing I was waiting at the airport instead. Ugh.

Where o where has my sanity gone.

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