Sunday, October 14, 2001

Sherri's Big Day

My sis' wedding is finally over and it was wonderful. The ceremony was beautiful... especially touching was the analogy the pastor used comparing dancing to making a relationship work (Sherri & Michael are both ballroom dance instructors). "Take the steps... " ok, I don't remember any of it, but it was great. I didn't get too nervous or fall or screw up - whew. I DID look like Audrie Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys. Pictures will be coming soon - IF I can find any, out of the 9000 that were taken, where I don't look like I have a double chin, gigantic arms, no top lip, etc... As Jenny might say, "yeah, good luck with that".

The highlights of the evening came from Michael's brothers. Chad, the best man, provided pictures & commentary documenting Michael's youth, his days as a big-hair-band drummer (voted Best Drummer in Rochester at one point in the 80s), then as a competitive bodybuilder (shown wearing only tiny little briefs that were strategically wedged to show off the gluteus maximus), and his current profession as a ballroom dance instructor. It was hilarious, with a sweet and touching closing.

Then there was Jimmy, the baby brother (now about 21?) who caught the garter and proceeded to do a dance rivaled only by a Chippendale as he worked his way over to Joyce, the bouquet recipient. Priceless!! I think he may even be a bigger ham than Aaron, but I won't commit to that based only on that one performance.

Sherri and Michael's wedding dance was incredible and shortly thereafter, the dance floor was taken over by psychos... er, I mean, dance instructors, who put the rest of us to shame. The freestylers (those of us who don't ballroom) broke onto the floor a few times when we could, relieved that they couldn't Rhumba to "YMCA"!

It was a memorable evening and my sister has never looked happier or more beautiful. **sniff sniff**


I definitely didn't mean to offend Sarah by suggesting she was a Trekkie (not that there's anything wrong with that), I just know she likes Star Trek and might understand why Data is annoying.

Apart from that, I have robot envy. I'm the only one (other than Sarah), who got a negative result. The rest are all cute, innocent, loving, funny, goofy or wise, not annoying. Except Daniela, who is "cold, calculating, built to kill". That's just downright cool.

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